Schedule(Subject to change depending on circumstances)


The 10th HAFS Debate Conference will be held on Saturday and Sunday, September 12th and 13th.

Day 1

| Icebreaking

| Theme introduction + Forming Arguments

 - form groups according to thematic interest

 - participants will be assigned into 6 groups based on their preferences of the following 6 themes:

   Media & Social Movement, Education, Religion & Philosophy, Justice (Criminal Justice System), Politics & International Relations, Science

   (participants will be involved in lectures on three different themes but will be debating under the motion related to only one theme)

 - within each group, introduce each theme in the relevant context of debate motions (frequently appearing topics)

 - select one broad topic, research, and brainstorm thoughts with a mentor through google docs

 - the role of mentors will be to moderate the brainstorming process by providing critical questions that would normally be considered during debate prep time

l Lunch

l Cogito Graduate Lecture


| Asian Parliamentary Debate 1

-develop arguments and freely share opinions on the topics introduced in the group discussion

-organize strategic approaches in constructing debate cases within the main theme


Day 2

l Case building

-prepare debate on a new topic with randomly assigned teams

-participate in case building practice supervised by student mentors through google docs

l Brief Explanation about debate roles and procedure (team discussion/prep time)

l Lunch

l Cogito Graduate Lecture

l Debate + Feedback

*For your information, about rearranging the teams based on the preferences of participants for this conference, we will try our best to assign you into groups with themes that you wanted most. This does not guarantee your first preference to be your main theme that you will be debating about for the two days but we will ensure that everyone is reasonably satisfied with his or her assigned motion.

HAFS Student Events / Hosted by Hankuk Academy of Foreign Studies / 2015

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