Organizing Committee 


Jisun Hwang

Hello! This is Jisun Hwang, who will be serving as the Convener in this year’s HAFS DC. Despite the challenges we are facing in the pandemic situation, I, along with other members of the organizing committee, will make sure the 12th HAFS DC will be an enlightening and valuable experience for all participants. As an avid public speaker myself, I wish for all participants to reach their maximum potential throughout our conference. Hope to meet you soon!


Deputy Convener
Dohun Kim

Hello, I am Dohun Kim, the deputy convener in this year's HAFS DC. It is such an honor to be part of HAFS DC's organizing committee. Despite the current circumstance of the pandemic, I will try my best to make this event a valuable and life-changing experience for every participant. Hope to see you soon!


Curriculum Director 
Haeram An

Hi! I’m the Curriculum Director of The 12th HAFS DC, Haeram An. As a debater, my very first experience with debate was The 5th HAFS DC, just seven years ago. Over the past seven years, debating changed my life, and how I view this world. It is such an honor to actually be part of the organizing committee this year! I’m sure this debate experience will be the beginning of a whole new life, just like I did. I’m looking forward to an amazing workshop with all of you participants!

Deputy Curriculum Director 
Haejun Lee

Hello! My name is Haejun Lee, and I am the deputy curriculum director for this year's HAFS DC. It is an honor to be able to teach you, the future of Korean debaters. It is my duty to ensure you the richest possible experience during your time with us, and I promise that this conference will not fail to meet your expectations. I hope to see you soon!

Deputy Curriculum Director 
Seonyoung Moon

Hello! This is Seonyoung Moon, Director of Outreach for this year’s HAFS Debate Conference. It’s an honor to be working with such an excellent team, and I’ll try my best to bring the best conference experience to all those involved :)

Technology Director
Jisun Hwang

Hello! I'm Jisun Hwang, the Tech Director for this year's HAFS DC.

I will organize and manage most of the technical issues during the workshop!

Wish you good luck, and see you soon!