Organizing Committee 

Kunhee Park 박건희


Hi debaters! This is Kunhee Park, your convener for this year's HAFS Debate Conference. Due to the pandemic, this year's HAFS DC has decided to provide a whole new experience to students. Through deep theme discussions and debate sessions, participants will be able to submerge into the world of debate and reap intellectual benefits. With a workshop format, we can ensure you increased interaction with amazing mentors and faculty members compared to previous years. This year's debate conference will thus be a unique experience that only HAFS students can provide. Hope you have fun with our event and get the most out of it!!

Kidon Song 송기돈

Curriculum Director

This is Kidon Song, who will be serving as Curriculum Director for this year’s HAFSDC. It is my second time involved in HAFSDC. I will try my best to encourage debaters to exert confidence and improve their critical thinking skills. I am pretty sure the 10th HAFSDC will be a rewarding and delightful experience for everyone.

Seoyoung Bae 배서영

Deputy Convener

Hello! This is Seoyoung Bae, the Deputy Convener of this HAFSDC. As a student who used to be an active participant of HAFSDC, it's a great honor to organize such a meaningful event. I will put my utmost efforts so that each one of you can enjoy this fruitful experience. See you soon!

Chaerin Park 박채린

Deputy Curriculum Director

Hello! This is Chaerin Park, who will be serving as Deputy Curriculum Director in this year's HAFS DC. Despite the difficulties we have faced from the coronavirus, I, along with the organizing committee, have made sure the 10th HAFS DC will be an enlightening and valuable experience for all participants. As an avid debater myself, I hope all participants will reach their maximum potential throughout the conference. Hope to meet you soon!

Seoyoung Ko 고서영

Technology Director

Hello! This is Seoyoung Ko, the Tech director of this year's HAFSDC. I will do my best to make this contest a wonderful experience for all the participants. I hope each one of you enjoy the 10th HAFSDC and learn precious things from it!

Jaeim Jeon 전재임

Technology Director

Hello, debaters of HAFS DC 2020! I am Jaeim, the Technology Director for the 10th HAFS DC. It is a great pleasure for me to work as the Tech Director this year 🙂 My job is managing all the technical problems of the first, and hopefully, last online debate competition. The students of the organinzing committee, as well as the debaters, are not used to the meeting programs that we are planning to use, so I am here to handle problems that may occur during the debate. Please feel free to ask me help anytime. Good luck!

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