Organizing Committee 

Sungho Park 박성호

Convenor 위원장

The HAFS Debate Conference has always provided participants with fruitful and enjoyable educational opportunities. And this year, I am more than thrilled as a convener to organize yet another great learning experience for all, working along such dedicated and amazing faculty members. Should somebody ask me if the value of debate still remains relevant to the contemporary world, I shall answer back that of course it still does. Your confidence to speak before the public, your open-mindedness to listen to others, and your ability to respond back with strong conviction to your thoughts are equally essential skills today, as it was in the past. This year’s debate conference will be a transformational experience: not only will it encourage you to think outside the box, but sometimes it will even push yourself to your limit and make you think over topics you might be unfamiliar with. Yet, you will reap intellectual benefits from the diversity of opinions and original thoughts that come from the minds of your talented fellow debaters and improve yourself, listening to the valuable advice from well-experienced adjudicators. And you need not to fear this. Just enjoy it because debate is never about winning or losing, it’s all about learning and having fun.

Yuchan Kim 김유찬

Chief Adjudicator 심판장

Hi! I'm Yuchan, the Chief Adjudicator for the 2019 HAFSDC.  I look forward to seeing all of you; we'll do our best to prepare the best motions and judges. See you soon!

Seungmin Suh 서승민

Tab Director Middle School Division - 중등부 집계부장

Hi, everyone! I'm Seungmin Suh, the tab director of the middle school division. I will be tabulating the results of this conference with fairness and accuracy. I hope you learn much about debating from fellow debaters and adjudicators and also, most importantly, enjoy every moment. Good luck on preparing for the upcoming conference. See you soon!

Yoonseo Yang 양윤서

Tab Director Elementary School Division 초등부 집계부장

Debate has always been the medium for articulating my thoughts. As a skill requiring any individual to become more politically and socially conscious, it necessitates the expansion of your perspective on a vast variety of fields. As Tab Director, I will be tabulating the results of the rounds, assigning adjudicators and arranging matchups.

It is my greatest hope that all participants would be able to develop not only public speaking skills but also an enhanced capacity for understanding the society we live in. Along with the other members of the organizing committee, my best efforts will be exerted on facilitating a successful conference. It is a pleasure for me to be contributing to your educational experience.

Kidon Song 송기돈

Deputy Chief Adjudicator 부심판장

This is Kidon Song, who will be serving as one of the Deputy Chief Adjudicators in the competition. It is my first time involved in HAFSDC and as a judge in an official debate tournament. I will try my best to encourage debaters to exert confidence, improve their critical thinking skills and give fair verdicts. I am pretty sure the 9th HAFSDC will be a rewarding and delightful experience for everyone.

Gunhee Park 박건희

Deputy Chief Adjudicator 부심판장

Hi, I'm Kunhee Park, currently a junior in the international course at Hankuk Academy of Foreign Studies. I will be serving as your deputy chief adjudicator this year. I'm not only involved in adjudicating teams, but also training adjudicators, deciding motions which debaters would be handling with and ensuring a learning opportunity for everyone. I'll try my best to make this conference a memorable and learning experience to you all! Thank you and see you soon:)

Youngeun Nam

Tournament Director 총무부장

Hello, participants of HAFS DC 2019! I am Youngeun Nam and currently a senior in Hankuk Academies of Foreign studies. It is a great honor to serve as the tournament director of the 9th HAFS DC. I will put all my effort in to make the 9th HAFS DC a valuable opportunity for all debaters to learn the real value of debate. At the end of the competition, I can guarantee that you will bring a life-changing experience back home. I look forward to meeting you in HAFS!

Hanul Choi 최하늘

Technology Director 기술부장

Hello, debaters! My name is Hanul Choi, and I am the Technology Director for the 9th HAFS Debate Conference. My job here is managing the website, getting all the microphones and facilities in check, and making sure the tournament does not face any technical difficulties.  I will do my best as tech support so that the tournament could run smoothly. I hope that you guys will have a fruitful experience in HAFS DC. Thank you. 

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HAFS Student Events / Hosted by Hankuk Academy of Foreign Studies / 2015

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